Tuesday & Thursday AM openings. See Insurance tab for info on accepted plans.

5803 Englewood Avenue, Yakima, Washington 98908, United States

5803 Englewood Avenue



FCAC operates from a home office at 5803 Englewood Avenue.  

ADA Accessibility


There are 5 steps up at the front door. The bathroom does not meet ADA accessibility standards for wheelchair access. Passageways between rooms, other than the bathroom, meet ADA accessibility standard. 



Our city business license only permits parking in the drive way, not at street level. Please allow room for another vehicle to park next to you. If you are bringing more than one vehicle, please have the 2nd vehicle park below you so as to allow the next client to park beside you and not block you in. Let us know if you require assistance. 



I share my home with my husband and best friend, Steve. On rare occassion, Steve briefly pops into our home during business hours. He is very aware of privacy policies and will go out of his way to respect and protect your privacy. 



There is one cat and one dog in our home. They will not be out during office hours.  Some clients prefer to have Seth in their sessions, and he is happy to cooperate! 



Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring a pet to session. Also, please let us know if you have any pet allergies.